​Torrent of Litigation, Disinformation Make Meta A Growing Risk for Shareholders in Q4 Full of Harms


1 February 2023 — The Real Facebook Oversight Board issued the following statement for attribution ahead of Meta’s Q4 2022 earnings calls today -

Eyes will be on Meta’s profits today, but what about Meta’s social impact? For Meta shareholders and global democracy, the real costs of Q4 2022 aren’t in dollars. Meta’s Q4 was defined by hidden and potentially breakthrough legislation that puts shareholders at risk, and by a flood of disinformation that corroded global democracy.

Meta’s Q4​ harms​ and highlights included -

​Meta, of course, was just gearing up for a big January, where shareholders investments helped fuel an attempted insurrection in Brazil and a dangerous re-platforming of former President Trump on its platforms. Meta’s own most recent accounting of recently viewed content in November showed a continued proliferation of extreme and low-quality news sources. ​

“Investing in Meta in 2023 is complicity — its a continued countenancing of disinformation, hate for profit, far right wing voices and now President Trump and the Big Lie. Even if those factors don’t matter to shareholders, the barrage of litigation against Meta should. Across dozens of depositions, the boat is leaking, in lawsuits that total billions in possible damages. Investing in Meta is an investment in risk and harm.”

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