Job Description: Real Facebook Oversight Board Project Manager

The Citizens is hiring a project coordinator to oversee the day-to-day of our Real Facebook Oversight Board activation. We are a media non-profit who launched the Real Facebook Oversight Board ahead of the 2020 US election to address the immediate risks posed by Facebook to democracy. We brought academics and experts together with civil rights leaders to successfully demand change from Facebook. We are now expanding our ‘Brains Trust’ internationally to respond to the critical threats posed by Facebook’s unchecked power and are looking for a new member of the team to help us grow.

We’re looking for someone who can support the project director and comms lead to help drive the day-to-day operations and objectives of the project.


How to apply by 8 October, 2021: Send a CV, covering letter, social media profiles, link to your LinkedIn or whatever you think necessary to make your case for the role to and we’ll reply to everyone we are able to interview!



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