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Real Facebook Oversight Board


  • Adam Winstanley

    Adam Winstanley

    I am a positive future thinker. I love science, technology, manufacturing, Architecture and innovative creative endeavour that engages and inspires.

  • Gian Ferrer

    Gian Ferrer

    He/Him. Self-proclaimed force of chaotic good. Design + Community. I write at

  • Pretty Hat Machine

    Pretty Hat Machine

    Bow down before the one you serve, you’re going to get what you desere.

  • Sherief Razzaque

    Sherief Razzaque

    Content Strategist + UX Writer @facebook UK (PRO EMEA). Former Head of Content@ Infobip, Samsung Australia & Freelancer_com. Ex-ebay PayPal + Airtasker

  • Olof Lindholm

    Olof Lindholm

    My heart is full of hope. Tech Lead Manager at Google Stockholm. Opinions are my own. #blm

  • Sébastien Tarnowski

    Sébastien Tarnowski

    Sébastien Tarnowski | Digital Strategist | Communication Expert | EU Affairs | Brussels Belgium

  • Dorin Bambus

    Dorin Bambus

    I used to be a writer. Sometimes, I try prove to myself that I still am.

  • Chris Messina

    Chris Messina

    Head of West Coast Biz Dev @ Republic. Inventor of the hashtag. Product therapist. Previously: Google, Uber, On Deck, YC W’18.

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