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Real Facebook Oversight Board

📣 RFOB Quarterly Disinfo Report: New Research Shows 83% of #1 Facebook Posts In Q2 Came From Disinformation Superspreaders; Facebook Still Profiting off of Trump; Body Bags at FB HQ In DC; Advocates Issue New Demands on Disinformation, News Feed 📣

Washington D.C. — Ahead of Facebook’s Q2 Earnings Call, the Real Facebook Oversight Board today released its Quarterly Harms Report with new data showing Facebook’s real story for Q2 2021: Profit from hate, deadly disinformation and a continued role as the platform of choice for right wing extremists.


Today the Real Facebook Oversight Board published our Q2 Facebook Harms Report — a deep-dive into Facebook’s impact on democracy, privacy, and human life this financial quarter. Our research and analysis layout Facebook’s serious problem with disinformation hosted on their platform and their active choice not to act on it. Facebook also failed to adequately deal with former President Trump by not only allowing his affiliate PACs to raise money on the platform and announcing his potential reinstatement to the platform in January 2023 despite inciting an insurrection that led to his impeachment. While…

Statement from the Real Facebook Oversight Board:

JULY 18 — We stand with President Biden, and share the view that Facebook’s lack of oversight and any coherent content moderation strategy is driving vaccinations down and COVID infections up. Let’s look at the facts:

Statement for attribution from the Real Facebook Oversight Board on today’s release by Facebook of their first Quarterly Update on the Oversight Board:

Facebook claims to be fully or in part implementing 14 of the Facebook Oversight Board’s 18 recommendations. How would we know? Are we just supposed to take their word for it? This is the company that just this week was found to have lost a critical moderation policy for over three years, and has been shown by two New York Times reporters to be one of the most dishonest corporate actors in global history.

There is no…

The Real Facebook Oversight Board welcomes the executive order President Biden signed on Friday titled “Promoting Competition in the American Economy.” The executive order aims to rein in Facebook (and others) mass accumulation of users data, provide greater scrutiny over mergers, and establish competition rules on the online marketplace. These are all important steps to curtailing Facebook’s market dominance and surveillance-based business model. The following statements are from board members of the Real Facebook Oversight Board:

Jessica Gonzalez, RFOB Board Member — I’m pleased that President Biden’s executive order recognizes that “Big Tech platforms are gathering too much personal information”…

JUNE 15 — The Real Facebook Oversight Board issued the following statement for attribution on today’s referral of a case on the appropriateness of sharing residential addresses of Facebook users without consent on its platforms to the Oversight Board:

Facebook can’t even be trusted to make even the most basic, common sense content moderation decisions. Sharing home addresses without consent? Seems bad! But then again Facebook allowed a breach of nearly half a billion users personal data without accountability.

This case, while not as shiny as the Trump Ban, is yet another example of the pointlessness of the Facebook Oversight…

Announcement Raises More Questions than Answers About Facebook’s Chaotic Approach — What About Bannon? Bolsonaro? Will Facebook Examine Its Role in the January 6th Insurrection?

JUNE 4: Today’s decision is yet another example of Facebook’s use of ‘accountability theater’. It set up the Oversight Board to offshore its most difficult decisions and today it has used it to cloak another shrouded arbitrary decision in an air of accountability. It is not.

While many people will breathe a sigh of relief today that Facebook has banned Donald Trump for a further two years, this decision only goes to underline the enormous…

Facebook Now Out of Excuses Not to Permanently Ban Donald Trump

Real Facebook Oversight Board Statement on Facebook Policy Changes:

JUNE 4: Facebook shouldn’t have needed a $130m Oversight Board and a team of law professors to tell them dictators and authoritarians were running wild on their platforms. Nearly five months after insurrectionists plotted a coup on Facebook, after years of creating loopholes for tyrants who repeatedly violated their terms of service, Mark Zuckerberg, Nick Clegg and Joel Kaplan want a cookie for changing a policy that has cost lives and degraded democracies.

Facebook isn’t even committing to taking down

Fake Supreme Court Takes Victory Lap for “Upholding Ban of Trump” While Punting Real Decisions Back to Facebook; World’s Most Obvious Content Moderation Decision Still Pending

Statement for attribution from the Real Facebook Oversight Board:

MAY 5 — Today’s decision shows that the Facebook Oversight Board experiment has failed. This verdict is a desperate attempt to have it both ways, upholding the “ban” of Donald Trump without actually banning him, while punting any real decisions back to Facebook.

Donald Trump has used Facebook to spread disinformation and incite hate and violence for years. Even when he posted ‘When the looting…

Statement from the Real Facebook Oversight Board, May 3rd —

Facebook’s Oversight Board will announce on Wednesday its decision on a permanent ban of Donald Trump. Obviously Donald Trump has violated Facebook’s terms of service repeatedly, incited hate, spread disinformation, fomented violence and been used as a model for other authoritarian leaders to abuse Facebook. He should be banned forever.

But do not let Facebook’s Oversight Board distract from the need to ensure real accountability for hate speech, election lies, disinformation and other harmful content.

Facebook’s Oversight Board is a Facebook-paid, Facebook-appointed body created by Facebook to use to launder…

Real Facebook Oversight Board

An emergency response to the ongoing harms on Facebook’s platforms from leading global scholars, experts and advocates.

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